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Czech success at BIFF 2019

Two films were presented at the BIFF 2019 in Busan, South Korea - the Slovak-Czech co-production Let There Be Light by Marko Škop and A Certain Kind of Silence by Michal Hogenauer.

A Certain Kind of Silence

Mia, a young Czech woman, is assigned to take care of a 10-year-old boy in a wealthy house. Since it a job with good working conditions, she snaps into it, but soon finds the way the parents treat their son is somewhat strange. Both parents force their son to abide by strict living rules, and the son seems to live under a lot of pressure from his parents. Mia has some doubts about it but she is on the verge of being kicked out of the house without even knowing what she did wrong. Only after the boy’s parents have received a promise from Mia that she would abide by the rules of the house, they accept Mia again, and she has to do what she’s told to do without any resistance or doubt.

A Certain Kind of Silence is a movie that explores how the things happen that should not happen or that can’t be accepted with common sense or common idea. The trivial mistake of accepting something as inevitable unless you have a special sense of justice makes an irrevocable case. Perhaps the public’s enthusiasm and support for fascism could have begun with this kind of problem. Silence and connivance are very likely to develop into active cooperation. (NAM Dong-chul)

  • Director Michal HOGENAUER
  • Producer Petr OUKROPEC 
  • Cast Eliska KRENKOVA / Jacob JUTTE / Monic HENDRICKX / Roeland FERNHOUT
  • Czech Republic/Netherlands/Latvia



Let There Be Light

Milan, the main character, returns to his home town in Slovakia after working on construction sites in Germany. He’s dreaming of having a quality time with his family, but the police visit Milan’s house. They say Milan’s son is involved in the death of his friend. The son is cited as the perpetrator who led the boy to kill himself by bullying and harassing him. While questioning his son, Milan finds out that his son is related to an ultra-right militia in the town. Noticing that his son is not the real assailant and he also has been threatened by the militia, Milan comes forward to reveal the truth. 

Let There Be Light is a film that shows a facet of the Eastern European reality today. No one can be trusted in the town ruled by the extreme rightists. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes forced, sometimes frightened, people close their eyes and shut their mouths when something goes wrong. Neither the priest nor the police of the town are on the main character’s side. Milan’s fight to be a fair father to his son is also about restoring justice. Actor Milan ONDRIK, who plays Milan, won the best actor award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival through this movie. (NAM Dong-chul)

  • Director Marko ŠKOP
  • Producer Marko ŠKOP / Ján MELIŠ / Petr OUKROPEC / Pavel STRNAD 
  • Cast Milan ONDRÍK / František BELEŠ / Zuzana KONEČNÁ / Ľubomír PAULOVIČ / Katarína KORMAŇÁKOVÁ / Maximilián DUŠANIČ / Daniel FISCHER / Csongor KASSAI / Anikó VARGOVÁ / Marek GEIŠBERG
  • Slovak Republic/Czech Republic