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Jun 19, 2019 12:00 AM - Jun 23, 2019 12:00 AM

Seoul International Book Fair 2019

The Czech Centre Seoul and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in collaboration with the largest Czech publishing house Albatros Media has presented Czech literature for children on the Seoul International Book Fair 2019. Domestic and foreign publishers the same as visitors had an opportunity to look through a range of beautifully illustrated books for children published recently in the Czech Republic. Besides Albatros Media the Czech Centre Seoul introduced other 6 Czech publishing houses – Baobab, Bylo nebylo, Cesta domů, Labyrint, Meander and Paseka. The Czech Centre Seoul also invited a Czech textile artist, designer, painter, illustrator and comics and books for children author Vendula Chalánková. Children, who visited the booth of the Czech Republic, enjoyed various workshops managed by the artist in person. They made paper puppets, postcards or souvenir magnets. This year the Czech participation in the book fair was organized as a follow - up to the Seoul International Book Fair last year, when the Czech Republic was invited as a guest of honour.

Czech publishing houses introduction:

Albatros Media

Albatros Media is the largest Czech Publishing group with the portfolio of 15 imprints covering every target group from children to seniors. The company publishes over 1 500 titles per year, operates its own distribution network and the long-established school reader’s club. The subsidiary Albatros Media Slovakia has been increasing its share of Slovak market. The flagship Albatros established in 1949 has played an essential part in the history of Czech literature for children and was one of the seven co-founders of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1964. Abroad Albatros Media Publishing house specializes in children´s books with original and innovative format well-known around the whole world. Our amazing books are playful like a toy and educative at the same time, aiming to develop young readers curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Our range of products includes Novelty books, Picture books, Pop-up books, How-to-books, Non-fiction and Fairy tales.

W: www.albatrosmedia.eu



BAOBAB Publishers is a small, family-owned publishing house specializing on quality and alternative children's books, publishing original texts and compelling translations. It represents a young artists’ generation platform. Since its establishment at the break of the millennia, BAOBAB has done its utmost to restore the pictorial book culture in the Czech Republic, namely by cooperating with a number of like-minded authors, i.e. story-tellers and illustrators, scouting and supporting young talents, contributing to the development of children's author books phenomenon, mapping the European literary scene of children´s books as well as acquainting Czech reading public with the most interesting illustrators of the 20th and 21st centuries. Besides publishing and promoting activities, BAOBAB is the initiator and organizer of numerous book culture events, of which the most important Tabook Festival takes place annually in autumn in the Czech town of  Tábor (www.tabook.cz). BAOBAB Publishers cooperate closely with the Miroslav Šašek Foundation, Prague's Academy of Arts & Design (UMPRUM), Tábor's Baobab Book Shop & Gallery and Xaoxax Gallery in Prague.

W: www.baobab-books.net


Bylo nebylo

Bylo nebylo is a small publishing house based in Prague, run by two co-owners, Anna and Helena. The company is characterized by a poetic language, playful form and desire for communication and sharing. Besides poetry Bylo nebylo focuses on high quality illustrated and graphically demanding books for kids and adults as well as reprints of original author books of various artists - from young graphic designers to old generation of painters. It often experiments with the book form as book is considered to be a piece of art. Many books are hand-bound. Bylo nebylo is a real independent publishing house, because  it does not receive any external financial support. The high quality of Bylo nebylo’s books has been proved many times by domestic literature awards.

W: www.bylonebylo.com


Cesta domů 

Cesta domů (Homecoming) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization which established the first mobile palliative care unit in the Czech Republic in 2001 and in the same time it is a small publishing house. Cesta domů makes books for children and adults on very serious but important topics connected with the end-of-life care as death, dying, meaning of life etc. The publishing house prints brochures, leaflets and books for caregivers, families, mourning people, nurses, social workers and physicians. It makes  an efforts to work on public education in various ways and cooperate with families, kindergartens and schools too. It publishes picture books for children on important but not easy topics.

W: www.cestadomu.cz/nakladatelsvi/english-summary



The Labyrint publishing house, which has a longstanding reputation for high quality standards of publications, focuses on art books, fiction and comics. The sublabel Raketa is dedicated to children’s books. Raketa is also a magazine for children of smart parents published 4 times a year in thematically designed issues and does not contain any advertising. It offers original materials, comics, cutting out activities, stories, tales, cookery recipes, tips for trips, amusing and educational tasks, reading recommendations, puzzles and games for children mainly aged 5–10. The editors of the magazine rely on the visual side, creativity and fun. They cooperate with young artists and authors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

W: www.labyrint.netwww.raketa-casopis.cz



Meander Publishing was founded in 1995 as an independent publishing house by Ivana Pecháčková, Czech author and translator, who has published more than 270 titles within Meander´s soon to be 25-year existence. Meander focuses on original art books for children and youth, with emphasis on author´s books. Meander is publishing books in several book editions. The most significant is the Blue Elephant Edition which aims to advance development of the literary and graphic form of the children’s book by publishing Czech as well as international authors’ stories illustrated and designed by leading Czech artists and graphic designers. The goal is to publish children´s literature that reflects the true meaning of “belles-lettres”.

New edition manamana is a collection of biblical stories illustrated by leading talents of the youngest generation of Czech visual artists. The manamana edition does not adjust the stories to children at the cost of excessive simplification or of obscuring the original meaning. Meander tries to do as little adjustments as possible, to work delicately and with a sympathetic attitude towards children. Creative questions and tasks for children form an organic part of each book.

W: www.meander.cz



Paseka is a leading publishing house of fiction, history, popular science and also children’s books both Czech and international. Paseka’s children‘s book „Odd-Sock Eaters“ has already been translated into 16 languages and there are more foreign rights being sold worldwide. Paseka publishing house is a home of several major international and Czech authors including Alice Munro, Vladimir Nabokov, Amos Oz, Salman Rushdie, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, David Henry Thoreau, Timothy Snyder, Roberto Saviano, Susan Sontag and John Updike. Being established in 1989 Paseka has already released over 2.000 titles. It has nearly 18.000 followers on Facebook and over 6.000 followers on Instagram. Paseka is the most succesful publishing house in the most prestigious Czech literature award Magnesia Litera, which it has been already awarded 19 times across all categories. Our authors both from the Czech Republic and abroad are often invited into the biggest Czech media and press. Regularly there is also a lot of reviews in media and a lot of attention is being paid to the books. Paseka publishing house insists on good quality books and extraordinary care in selection, translation and editing.

W: www.paseka.cz


 Czech artist Vendula Chalánková introduction:

Vendula Chalánková(*1981, Přerov) is one of the most remarkable contemporary Czech artist with very specific kind of humor and original ideas. She works as a textile artist, designer, painter, performer, illustrator, screenwriter, comics and children books’ author. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, where she studied in an Environment atelier under the guidance of Vladimír Merta and Marian Palla. In 2005 she published her first comics book Living Like a Stunt Artist (Žít jako kaskadér). She introduced the best comics strips from 2004 to 2009 in a bilingual Czech–English book Cukr a počasí/Sugar & Weather (2009) and the best 66 comics strips in a title Why Aren’t You Like the Blokes at Work? (Proč nejsi jak chlapi v práci, vole?, 2015). Chalánková captures everyday life with a specific kind of humor inspired by her private life or dialogues between the people around. Very often she focuses on criticism of consumer society. She makes very original comics strips consisting of three pictures with simplified characters made of cutted coloured papers.  Although she uses different kinds of media and techniques for artistic expression, the most characteristic technique is embroidery. In 2004 she gained a great success with a series of “embroidered SMS”. She drew an analogy between writing SMS and embroidery – both of the activities represents handiworks, but unlike embroidery she finds SMS as the most ephemeral texts nowadays. Chalánková wrote and “stitched” Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood (O Červené karkulce,  2009), Hansel and Gretel (O perníkové chaloupce, 2011) and Embroidered Tales (Vyšívané pohádky, 2015). For the Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir she illustrated books of folk songs and Christmas carols Sing with Us (Zpívejte s námi, 2015, 2017), which was published with CD and produced as an animation series by the Czech Television. Most recently she illustrated Radim Kopáč’s experimental work Today Child (Dnes dítě, 2016) commenting  on our everyday life in a spontaneous and sincere way from children’s point of view. From 2001 she has participated in numerable solo and collective exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Croatia, Japan etc.). Her works can be found in the most prestigious Czech galIeries as the National Gallery in Prague, the Prague City Gallery, the Moravian Gallery in Brno, the Olomouc Museum of Art and besides that in Austria and Slovakia too. In 2009 and 2010 she was a member of the band Muženy. She also produces mostly sewn fashion accessories and toys under the “Perverted Taste (Zvrhlý Vkus)” brand name established in 2003.   


2006 Hlávka Foundation Award

2009 Golden Ribbon Award for the book Little Red Riding Hood

2015 nomination Muriel Czech Comics Award in category Best original scenario for Why Aren’t You Like the Blokes at Work?

2016 nomination Czech Grand Design in category illustration for W. A. Mozart in Prague 

Website: http://vendulachalankova.cz

 YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ6oOBPUKeA&list=PL_-vdKSfHUlAhK_fXK13rK2GClZA_JfXK


Workshops for children – schedule and introduction:

1. Making a paper puppet

Date and time: Sat 22.6. 11:00 – 14:00

                         Sun 23.6. 11:00 – 13:00

Venue: B10 (Czech Republic), Hall A, COEX

Making a paper puppet of well-known Brothers Grimm’s fairytale characters Hansel and Gretel designed by Czech artist Vendula Chalánková or creating an original story character using a collage technique.

2. Designing a post card

Date and time: Sat 22.6. 15:00, 17:00

                         Sun 23.6. 14:00

Venue: B10 (Czech Republic), Hall A, COEX

Making a post card of well-known Brothers Grimm’s fairytale characters Hansel and Gretel designed by Czech artist Vendula Chalánková or creating an original story character using a collage technique.

3. Making a souvenir magnet

Date and time: Sat 22.6. 16:00, 18:00

                         Sun 23.6. 15:00

Venue: B10 (Czech Republic), Hall A, COEX

Making a souvenir magnet of well-known Brothers Grimm’s fairytale characters Hansel and Gretel designed by Czech artist Vendula Chalánková or creating an original piece using a collage technique.







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