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Nov 15, 2019

The Ear

On the opening of a photographic exhibition The Fall of the Iron Curtain organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Seoul on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the Czech Centre Seoul is presenting a film The Ear made by a Czech director Karel Kachyňa in 1970.

The film The Ear based on a novel by Jan Procházka was banned by the Czechoslovakian authorities immediately after its completion and remained unseen for twenty years. Finally it was released only after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and one year later it had the world premiere in the cinema.

The Ear is a psychological drama combining elements of satire, farce, comedy, detective story and even Hitchcock’s film atmosphere.   

What is worse working with a group that could potentially get you arrested or having your home monitored by the government? Experience the stifling atmosphere of a totalitarian regime that watches your every move, even when you work for them. This banned film explores the danger of criticizing a government that has the power to control your fate.

Already on the brink of an ongoing communist purge, a government official (Radoslav Brzobohatý) and his wife (Jiřina Bohdalová) return home from a political soiree to discover their keys are missing, their electricity has been cut, and The Ear - The State Surveillance system - may be listening on their every word. It starts with a long night's journey into dread as the couple bickers, boozes, and crawls the walls with fear: could he be the next party member to disappear? Something like Cassavetes' Faces meets The Conversation, The Ear viscerally evokes the tension and all-pervasive paranoia of life under a totalitarian regime.

The film depicts realistically the atmosphere of the totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia of that time. It shows the uncertainty of the human existence, fickleness of fate on one hand and an effort to toe the line and not to oppose the state authority on the other hand. The „film noir“ style camera and disturbing music create a very impressive and frightening atmosphere.

Date and time:

15.11.2019 16:15


The Asan Institute for Policy Studies
11, Gyeonghuigung 1ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul




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Nov 15, 2019


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