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Jul 24, 2019 3:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Korean Premiere of the Great Adventure of the Lucky Four

The Czech Centre Seoul cordially invite you to the Korean premiere of the animation film Great Adventure of the Lucky Four, which takes place on Wednesday July 24, 2019 at 15:30 in the Korea Manhwa Museum in Bucheon. Lucky Four is the most popular Czech comics for children continuously published since 1969. The film screening is organized by the Czech Centre Seoul and the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency with the support of the Lucky Four Publishing House and the Embassy of the Czech Republic. The Great Adventure of Lucky Four directed by Michal Žabka is the second Lucky Four’s animation film made by the Lucky Four Publishing House to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first publishing Lucky Four comics and 75th anniversary of the birth of its author Jaroslav Němeček. The film was released this April in the Czech Republic and unlike the first film Lucky Four Serving the King (2013) it was made by 2D animation to keep it in the original form similar to comics as the author wished to present the Lucky Four stories in the form, which readers are used to. The Korean public had an opportunity to meet the Lucky Four for the first time on a special exhibition during the Bucheon International Comics Festival in 2016. Lucky Four is also a part of the exhibition Meanwhile, Elsewhere presenting the 100-year history of Czech comics. The exhibition is open till August 4 in the Korea Manhwa Museum in Bucheon.

The Great Adventure of Lucky Four consists of 4 short episodes. One day, when making a campfire and roasting sausages, the Lucky Four friends recount the best adventures, they experienced the previous year. With Scoutie the spectators climb the rock Devil’s Thumb to rescue the Lucky Four’s house, with Mousley they trail a werewolf, with Buddy they travel to the space and with Fifi they celebrate the Saint Nicholas Day in Devil’s Mill.

The film is based on the stories Lucky Four (Čtyřlístek), which is the most popular Czech comics for children continuously published since 1969 and created by a Czech illustrator Jaroslav Němeček.

Jaroslav Němeček (*1944) grew in Prague, in a house, which later became a model of Lucky Four’s home. His father was a photographer, who loved nature and used to make trips with his family into the countryside quite often. His brother Vladimír subscribed children’s magazine “Vpřed (Forwards)“ and comics magazine “Rychlé šípy (Rapid Arrows)“. Jaroslav Němeček inspired by brother’s magazines started to draw his first comics when he was just 10 years old. In 1950s he studied at the High School of Art & Design in Prague. After the graduation he joined the military service working in a printing house as a poster designer. From 1965 he worked as a freelance artist. He made illustrations for children’s magazine “Mateřídouška (Thymus)“ and concertina books and 3D books (“Kocour v botách” - Puss in Boots, “Kouzelník Žito” – Magician Rye) for the Orbis Publishing House. At the end of 1960s he travelled with his wife Lucy to Italy and Germany, where he admired mass of children’s magazines, especially comics for kids. In 1969 he created a comics story Lucky Four depicting various adventures of four animal friends. In 1970s Jaroslav Němeček produced mostly ceramic sculptures, tiled stoves and replicas of Egyptian tombs for museums in Germany. In 1990 he established Lucky Four Publishing House. He devoted the whole life to amuse Czech children with Lucky Four friends. In 40 years he drew 620 series of Lucky Four adventures and illustrated 30 books. He also designed Lucky Four postage stamps and coins. In 2007 he was inducted into the Czech Comics Hall of Fame.

In “Lucky Four” four animal friends – tomcat Mousley (Myšpulín), doggie Fifi, piggy Buddy (Bobík) and hare Scoutie (Piňda) live in a cosy house in a small fictitious town Smashcrashton (Třeskoprsky) located in a beautiful countryside near a lake and an old castle. The house was inspired by the house in Prague, where the author grew up. Smashcrashton represents Czech town Doksy, where the author spent a lot of free time on his weekend house in a romantic countryside around the Mácha Lake and Bezděz Castle. Four friends experience a variety of adventures in different times throughout the universe. They always stick together and help each other overcome whatever difficult situations they are faced with. Although most of the stories take place in the present, the protagonists visit the past and also the future. Unexpected events lead them into the center of the Earth, under the sea or into the space. They travel all around the world. The animal friends help willingly to anybody, who needs their help. All complicated problems they resolve with humor in a sensible and peaceful way. They never use violence and maybe that could be one of the reasons why children love them so much.

The Lucky Four friends came into the existence in 1969, when the Orbis Publishing House released the first story. Although it was not expected that the story would continue, due to the great success and readers’ demand the publishing house decided to go on publishing Lucky Four stories in the edition “Lucky Four Library”. The Lucky Four adventures were published irregularly 8 – 9 times a year therefore it avoided the censorship common in regularly published magazines in that time. Thanks to the increasing readers‘ interest the press run rose from 30 000 copies to 220 000 copies at the end of 1980s. Even though the press run reached extremely high number, the magazine remained still scarce goods and it was very hard to get it.  

The first 6 stories were written and illustrated completely by the author Jaroslav Němeček. From 1970 Ljuba Štíplová helped him with writing the scenarios. At the beginning there were only Lucky Four stories in the magazine, but later it was extended to 36 pages and four stories of other authors were added. Almost in the same form the magazine has been published till today.

In 1990 Jaroslav Němeček established Lucky Four Publishing House (Čtyřlístek) keeping on publishing Lucky Four stories. Moreover it has been publishing the spinoff titles “Lucky Four Special”, a magazine for girls named “Hello, it’s Fifi”, book reprints of older Lucky Four adventures and making various products for children with Lucky Four pictures (puzzles, colouring books, calendars, school supplies etc.). From 1991 also other Czech authors started to write the stories in turns. Nowadays the Lucky Four magazine is published 20 times a year in about 60 000 copies. In 2015 the 600th title was released. The Lucky Four stories have been already published in 12 languages – English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Turkish.

Lucky Four friends have amused Czech children for 50 years and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Lucky Four became a Czech cultural phenomenon. In February 2013, the Lucky Four made their animated film debut in the feature-length movie named, “Lucky Four Serving the King”, in which the four friends save the world from destruction by ice. In 2010 – 2011 Czech Post released four stamps with pictures of the Lucky Four protagonists, which became the best-selling stamps in Czech ever. Lucky Four are also proud to have a dollar coin embossed that is valid in the Cook Islands. In December 2011 a Lucky Four Museum was established in the Library in Doksy. As a follow-up to opening the museum the Lucky Four nature trail in Doksy and around the Mácha Lake was opened in April 2012.  

Great Adventure of the Lucky Four (Velké dobrodružství Čtyřlístku)

Animation/ Adventure / Family film

Czech Republic, 2019, 72 min., Czech / Korean subtitles

Director: Michal Žabka

Based on the stories of Jaroslav Němeček

Screenplay: Michal Žabka

Music: Ivan Doležálek

Starring: Tereza Bebarová, Jan Maxián, Bohdan Tůma, Jiří Ployhar ml., Miroslav Táborský, Jiří Lábus, Ota Jirák, Petr Rychlý, Jan Vondráček, Petra Jindrová

 Date: July 24, 2019

Time: 15:30

Venue: Korea Manhwa Museum, Bucheon


Korea Manhwa Museum, Bucheon

Jul 24, 2019 3:30 PM - 12:00 AM


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