DOCU-MONDAYS: My Name is Hungry Buffalo

08. 06. 2020 09. 06. 2020

The Czech Centres in collaboration with VOD platform Dafilms present a series of selected Czech documentaries screened online for free every Monday in June. The series continues on June 8 with a documentary My Name is Hungry Buffalo made by Czech director Pavel Jurda in 2016.

The documentary narrates a touching story about a blind man Jan, who loves cowboys and thus calls himself Hungry Buffalo. As he may lose his hearing too, he sets out on a journey to New Mexico with his wife Zuzana. He is willing  to visit a shaman of the Navajo tribe, who will try to cure him by a ritual.

The film screened with English subtitles  is available online from Monday, June 8, 2 pm to Tuesday, June 9, 7 pm (Korean time) on the website of the platform Dafilms. For a free access it is necessary to create an account on the website. The registration is fast and easy. 


Title: My Name is Hungry Buffalo 

Date and time:June 8, 2 pm – June 9, 7 pm (Korean time)


Original Title: Jmenuji se Hladový Bizon 

Director:Pavel Jurda

Country:Czech Republic, Slovakia


Length: 84 min.

In Czech with English subtitles


Jan calls himself a Hungry Buffalo. He loves cowboys, he’s blind, and may lose his hearing. Pavel Jurda’s documentary follows his journey to America to visit the shaman of the Navajo tribe, who wants to perform a ritual to help his hearing. The film is full of unpretentious humour thanks to Jan’s charisma. In the USA, he’s like the Don Quixote of the Wild West - a naive adventurer in a world that is much more ordinary than his imagination. This observational, but not standoffish, film is also an example of how the medium of film can relate to blind people by constantly showing the difference between what Jan perceives and what we actually see.

The project has been developed in collaboration with an international VOD platform Dafilms focusing on European documentary and experimental films. The platform offers an access to an ever-expanding catalogue of over 2000 films with a monthly subscription only for 6 € or 6,99 USD or yearly subscription only for 60 € or 59,88 USD.  




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  • Event title: DOCU-MONDAYS: My Name is Hungry Buffalo
  • Date: 08. 06. 2020 09. 06. 2020
  • Venue: Czech Centre Seoul

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